Social Work

About the department

The syllabus as specified by Mizoram University includes the following areas of learning: 

Core Areas of Learning:

  • Introduction to Social Work, Psychology for Social Workers, Sociology for Social Workers, Field Work Practicum 
  • Working with Individuals, Working with groups, Economics and Politics for Social Workers, Field Work Practicum 
  • Social Problems in India, Working with communities, Fields of Social Work–I(Family and Child Welfare)
  • Social Work Research, Working with Social Welfare Organizations, Fields of Social Work–II (Community Development) 
  • Social Policy and Planning, Human Rights and Social Work, Fields of Social Work–III(Disability and Social Work), Fields of Social Work–IV(Health and mental Health) 
  • Social Legislation, Fields of Social Work –V (Social Defense), Environmental Studies (Comp), Substance Abuse; HIV/AIDS and Social Work  

Other Compulsory Papers:

  • General English   
  • Environmental Studies 

Methods of Teaching/Departmental Initiatives:

  • Lecture Mode
  • Power Point Presentations 
  • Group Discussions/Work 
  • Library Work 
  • Seminars 
  • Field Works 
  • Observation Visits 
  • Individual/Group Conferences 
  • Rural Camps &Charity Work 
  • Block Placement
  • Organises Etiquette
  • Drives – for entire HATIM Community  
Our Staffs
C. Lalremtluangi
C. Lalremtluangi

Assistant Professor


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Rosangliana Khiangte
Rosangliana Khiangte

Assistant Professor & HOD


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R. Lallianzela
R. Lallianzela

Assistant Professor


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