National Service Scheme


The National Service Scheme's (NSS) catchphrase is "Not Me, But You." This embodies what it means to live democratically and upholds the values of unselfish service, respect for another person's viewpoint, and compassion for other people. It emphasizes the fact that an individual's welfare ultimately depends on the welfare of society. The NSS should therefore strive to live up to this ethos through its daily activities.

Goals: Education through community service and community service through education.


1)      To kindle the students’ social consciousness.

2)      To give them opportunities: -
a) To work with and among people.
b) To develop awareness and knowledge of social realities.
c) To have a concern for the well-being of the community, particularly of the weaker sections.
d) To engage themselves in creative and constructive social work.
e) To put their scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some social problems and in promoting welfare.
f) To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.
g) To gain skills in the programme of development for self-involvement during leisure and vacation period of National development.
h) To enrich personality.

NSS in HATIM: The 49th Council Body Meeting of the college, held on August 22, 2016, authorized the creation of the NSS unit at Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram (HATIM). As Programme Officers, Mr. Benjamin Lalnunfima, Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Dr. R. Lallianzela, Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work were appointed. The programme was initially divided into two divisions, each with approximately 100 volunteers and one programme officer in charge. A new unit with 100 volunteers was provided to NSS Unit HATIM in 2020. A new Programme Officer, Ms. C. Lalrintluangi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce was appointed. Later in 2023, Ms. Ludi Lalneihpuii, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy replaced the former Programme Officer. At present, three NSS officers are now engaged in community service and youth development.

Conclusion: Planning, organizing and teamwork are the key elements to the success of the NSS activities. Throughout the activities, the volunteers were exposed to community works as well as intellectual platforms in various forms. The NSS Unit, HATIM will continue to strive to achieve all round development for its volunteers and bring glory to God and the college.


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