The College seriously takes into consideration the following points:

֍   An interesting academic area that has relevance to a future professional life.

֍   Programmes that are so rigorous and continuously evolving that it places the students ahead of their peers anywhere in the world.

֍   Faculty who have practical knowledge and experience rather than outdated textbook materials.

֍   An Institute that takes personal care to ensure that one becomes a success story.

֍   An environment which is conducive that helps one focus on individual’s development.

֍   An Institute which lays stress on Christian values and ideal.

֍   A hi-tech environment that constantly exposes you to the latest technology in the world.

֍   An Institute that works hand-in-hand with the Church, the Government, NGOs, and other Institutions   and Colleges.

֍   An Institute that has international outlook to ensure that you are equipped to fit into this fast-changing world.



Our core values include:

֍  Readiness and willingness to seek, share and serve

֍  Faith and total dependence on God

֍  Commitment to devotion, worship and balanced human values teaching

֍  Hardwork

֍  Lifelong learning

֍  Integrity and accountability

֍  Teamwork 



֍  World-class quality education at affordable price.

֍  A good infrastructure and dedicated faculty.

֍  A co-ed residential institute with separate homely residences for male and female students.

֍  Wide spectrum of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities under committed Academicians.

֍  Well-stocked library that is still expanding.

֍  Well-equipped Computer Laboratory.

֍  Internet facilities for the staff and students.

֍  Dress code that reflects neatness, modesty and standards generally accepted at Indian/Mizo Educational Institutes.

֍  Cultivating deep commitment to serve local communities and the nation.

֍  Commitment to emphasize and embody tlawmngaihna- the golden Mizo ethos of selflessness and respect for elders.

֍  Sharp focus and commitment to develop strong English-speaking skills so as to equip students to function confidently in cross-cultural environment.

֍  Responsible care of the environment.