Council Body


(The Highest Body/Committee within the Institute)

Date of Constitution: 24th January, 2012


  • To represent the faculty and staff of the institute and form a discussion group/forum/panel in academic as well as non-academic matters for development and well-being of the institution.
  • To manage the academic and non-academic affairs of the institution.


The Council Body shall be composed of the Principal, the Dean, Heads of all Academic Departments, the Librarian, the Administrative Office Staff representative (UDC) and the Residence Guides.

Authority and Functions:

  • The Council Body is authorized to decide the ultimate disciplinary actions on students when such needs arise.
  • The Council Body has the authority to re-consider and amend the disciplinary rules and regulations of the institute at a specified interval according to the need of situations.
  • The Council Body acts as the Purchase Board of the institute.
  • The Council Body has certain amount of authority to make academic policies for the institute and make necessary request or suggestion to the Education Committee of the BCM.
  • Un-foreseen circumstances within the institute that require unusual decision-making and urgent solutions are taken care of by the Council Body within the institute.



Chairman: Mr. Vuansanga Vanchhawng (Principal)

Secretary: Mr. R . Lalnunthara (Vice Principal & Convener Board of Academics)


1.Mr. Samuel Malsawmkima (Convener, Board of Examinations)

2.Mr. Lalrokhawma (Chairman, Library Committee)

3.Dr. John Lalduhsaka (Coordinator IQAC & Head, Dept of Philosophy)

4.Mr. K. Lalmuanpuia (Coordinator IQAC & Head, Dept of Comp. Science)

5.Mr. H. Lalruatkima (Convener, Web media & Publication)

6.Ms. Hannah Lalnunpuii Khiangte (Chairman, Staff welfare committee)

7.Mr H. Lalrinawma (Hostel Management)

8.Ms. HT Zuali (Head, Dept of English)

9.Ms Vankhawpuimawii Pachuau (Head, Dept of Commerce)

10.Mr. Benjamin Lalnunfima (Head, Dept of History)

11.Mr. Rosangliana Khiangte (Head, Dept of Social Work)