Students Council

Office Bearers (2021-2022):

Chairman - Vuansanga Vanchhawng, Principal 

General Secretary - R.V L Ruata, VI Sem, BSW

Finance Secretary - Lalrinngheti, VI Sem, BA (History)


1. Benjamin Lalnunfima, Asst. Prof. Dept of History

2. Janet Lawmsangzuali, Asst. Prof. Dept of English




The administration of HATIM has been appreciating the necessity of constituting a Council representing the students in general with a view to facilitate the development of leadership qualities among the students. A student body may ensure the welfare of the students` community by organizing various co-curricular & extra-curricular activities and competitions, social and cultural programmes, etc. Through successful organization of the said programmes, they will be able to develop a creative mind and unleash their leadership potential. 

The formation of the student Council in line with the Lyngdoh Commission, imbued with Christian Values and Principles is expected to usher in a more conducive environment in maintaining harmonious relationship within the college by providing an amicable and effective means to further improve the available facilities, with a view to achieving academic excellence, to thereby help meet the statutory objective of the college.

HUMBLY submitting to GOD and recognising our responsibility before Him, humanity and to ourselves.

HONOURING the selfless efforts, drawbacks and successes of the founding and succeeding members.

PROUD of the diversity of background and cultures of members, united by a common purpose and aspirations.

GUIDED by the principles, reason, courtesy and genuine search of all virtues to live in comradeship, peace and to develop salubrious concord with other students’ bodies, person(s), institutions and all who believe in the ideals of justice, equality and truth.

RECOGNISING the supreme authority of the College through the organisation and discipline of students made there under and other related and relevant rules and regulations of the College.

IN OUR 56TH COUNCIL BODY MEETING, this 20th day of July, 2017, do hereby ADOPT, ENACT and give this Constitution to ourselves and our future generations as our supreme governing law.


The name of the Committee shall be Higher And Technical Institute, Mizoram (HATIM) Students’ Council. (Hereinafter known as HSC).


    1. To develop leadership qualities among the students.
    2. To act as an important channel of communication between the students and the College Authority.
    3. To provide a platform for exchange of opinion and ideas within the College.
    4. To encourage engagement of students in sports and social activities.
    5. To promote the intercultural relations and welfare of student.
    6. To organize different co-curricular activities for and on behalf of the students.
    7. To facilitate conducive academic environment in the college.
    8. To seek and undertake representation and/or participation in organs of the College/University.
    9. To improve and preserve high academic standards in the College.
    10. To improve the student-staff relationship by developing and enhancing mutual confidence among students and staff.
    11. To participate in community service in compliance with the College objectives.


Section A: Office Bearer’s

    1. Chairman (Principal by Post)
    2. Vice-Chairman
    3. General Secretary
    4. Assistant General Secretary
    5. Treasurer
    6. Assistant Treasurer

Section B: Executive Members

    1. Vice Principal (Ex-officio)
    2. Advisers - Two members of which – One to be appointed by the Council Body and the other one to be elected by HATIM Students’ Council from teaching faculty members.
    3. One representative from each of the residences.
    4. One representative from each Class.
    5. Games & Sports Secretary (to be appointed by HSC Office Bearers).
    6. Social & Cultural Secretary (to be appointed by HSC Office Bearers).
    7. Magazine Editor (to be appointed by HSC Office Bearers).
    8. Creativity & Innovation Secretary (to be appointed by HSC Office Bearers).
    9. Legal Cell Secretary (to be appointed by HSC Office Bearers).


Section 4.1: Chairman

The Chairman shall be responsible for the co-ordination of the activities of the Council Committee Office Bearers, delegating duties when appropriate. This entails:

      1. Chairing/Presiding all Students’ Council Meetings.
      2. Have overall responsibility of the Students’ Council.
      3. Lead Students’ Council members in promoting their interest.
      4. He/she shall arrange for preparation of the annual accounts and shall be responsible for the presentation of these to the appropriate committees.
      5. Liaise between the Students’ Council, the College and other relevant organizations.

Section 4.2: Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman -

      1. Shall be nominated and elected from 3rd   year students.
      2. In the absence of the Chairman, shall take over duties of the Chairman.
      3. Shall carry out any duty that may be assigned to him/her by the Chairman.
      4. Shall act as the spokesperson of the Students’ Council.

Section 4.3: General Secretary

The General Secretary -

      1. Shall be nominated and elected from 3rd year students.
      2. Organising and taking minutes of the meetings.
      3. Keeping endorsed records of the minutes of the meeting for future reference.
      4. Corresponding with other relevant bodies from outside the college.

Section 4.4: Assistant General Secretary

The Assistant General Secretary -

      1. Assist the Secretary for all official matters and shall carry out any duty that may be assigned to he/him by the Secretary.
      2. In the absence of the Secretary, shall take up the overall responsibility of the Secretary.
      3. Shall record the minute during the meeting.
      4. Keeping endorsed records of the activities of the Students’ Council.

Section 4.5: Treasurer

The Treasurer -

      1. Shall be nominated and elected from 3rd year students.
      2. Shall act as Chief Fiduciary Agent of Students’ Council Committee. 
      3. Shall present to the executive a complete income statement and balance sheet for the previous month.
      4. Shall present the budget for the following budgetary year at the executive meeting of each budgetary year.

Section 4.6: Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer -

      1. Shall assist to prepare the annual budget ceiling for a semester/year of the Students’ Council Committee.
      2. Shall liaise with all other Secretaries in matters of finance.

Section 4.7: Advisers

The Adviser Shall -

      1. Advisers of the Students’ Council shall function as Returning Officers.
      2. Giving advice and guidance to Office Bearers and Executive Members in the executive meetings and other appropriate platforms.

Section 4.8: Election / Selection Schedule

Advisors of the Students’ Council shall function as Returning Officers. They may appoint other faculty/staff members to help them in conducting the election every academic year during the first two weeks of the Academic Session.

      1. The Students’ Council election will be held on every even semester during the presence of the outgoing Office Bearers.
      2. All current students shall be eligible to casts their votes.
      3. The Returning Officers shall put up a notice inviting nominations for the election to posts of the Office Bearers of the Students’ Council Committee.
      4. Nomination forms for the post of Office Bearers shall be signed by a proposer and 2 seconders.
      5. Candidates shall submit duly signed nomination papers to the Returning Officers.
      6. After receiving a candidate’s nomination for each post the Returning Officers shall submit the list for approval to the Principal/Ex-Officio.
      7. After approval of the Principal/Ex-Officio in consultation with the Returning Officers, the proposed election date shall be decided. The Returning Officers shall put up the exact date of election and other important information regarding the conduct of the election on the Notice Board.
      8. To all the posts of the Office Bearers of the Students’ Council Committee, a candidate who gets the highest votes shall be declared/announced as elected to that particular post.
      9. Adequate information and notification of the candidates will be given in appropriate avenues. Therefore, canvassing or campaigning is not be allowed.
      10. In case of disputes, the Returning Officers’ decision shall be final and shall not be challenged on any ground.
      11. One cannot be nominated to the Office Bearer`s post if they are being disciplined under Category –II and above disciplinary action.

Section 4.9: Swearing in

      1. The Elected Officials shall be sworn in by the Principal/Ex-officio immediately after the announcement of the results.
      2. Elected officials shall take office upon being sworn in.

Section 4.10: Removal from Office of the Students’ Council Committee

Any member of the Students’ Council Committee may be dismissed in either of the following cases:

      1. If disciplinary actions (category II and above) are taken against him by the college authority.
      2. A motion is approved in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) with two-thirds majority vote.

In the event of any position of office bearers of the Students’ Council Committee falling vacant, the Advisors/Returning Officers in consultation with the Principal/Ex-Officio shall arrange a by-election.

During the interim period, the Principal/Ex-officio in consultation with the Advisors may appoint one of the Officer Bearers of the Students’ Council Committee to that particular vacant post. The Appointee shall discharge the Office Bearers’ responsibility in the interim period in addition to his/her own duties. 


It is the duty and obligation of all students of the College to enrol themselves as a member of Students Council. All registered full time regular students of the College shall be members of the Council unless they are debarred by College Authority.

Section A: The membership fee for regular students shall be Rs.20.00 (Rupees Twenty only) annually.

Section B: Privileges of Membership

All members shall:

      1. Have access to all Students’ Council Committee functions and use of all Students’ Council Committee facilities and privileges.
      2. Be eligible to participate in selection of their representatives and to attend Students’ Council Committee - General Meetings.
      3. Be eligible to be selected as one of the Executive Members.

Section C: Limitations of the Members of the Students Council Committee.

      1. No member of the Students’ Council Committee shall organize any activity using its name without prior written permission from the College Authority.
      2. The Students’ Council Committee shall not be empowered to recommend the formation of any new club or society.
      3. Students’ Council Committee shall not allow any political activity to make its way into the Council. Doing so shall lead to due disciplinary action as shall be decided appropriate by the College Authority.


  1. Each member of the Students’ Council Committee shall pay a mandatory membership fee every academic year.
  2. The Chairman along with Secretary and Assistant Treasurer shall ensure that proper books of account are maintained and that these books shall be audited annually (January-December) by the Accounts Department of the College who shall further submit a copy of the same to the Board of Expenditure/Purchase Board (i.e., Council Body).
  3. The Chairman, Secretary and Assistant Treasurer shall ensure that the annual budget, amendment to the budget, audited accounts and all necessary interim financial reports and proposals are presented to the general body for discussion and approval.


Section A: HATIM STUDENTS’ COUNCIL shall secure its revenue from lawful sources including:

    1. Membership fees.
    2. Allocations from the College Authority.
    3. Income from business premises duly approved by the Advisors in consultation with the Principal/Ex-officio.

Section B: Audit and Audit report

    1. The College Auditor/College Accounts’ Department shall at all times have access to books and records of STUDENTS’ COUNCIL and shall be entitled to receive all relevant records of information necessary to complete the audit of STUDENTS’ COUNCIL accounts.
    2. The College Auditor/College Accounts’ Department shall table their report at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall state in it whether or not STUDENTS’ COUNCIL has kept proper books of accounts.


In the greater interest of the students and the smooth functioning of the College, Office Bearers, Executive Members of the Students’ Council Committee or the College Authority may initiate the amendment/addition/omission of any clauses of this constitution from time to time.

    1. Any member of the Office Bearers, Executive Committee of the Students’ Council Committee or College Authority may propose an amendment of the Constitution by bringing it to the notice of the Office Bearers of the Council and the Principal/Ex-officio after due consultation with the Advisors.
    2. Any amendment to this Constitution shall be effected once passed by the Office Bearers’ Meeting in the presence of the Principal/Ex-Officio and later approved by the majority vote of the General Body Meeting of the Student’s Council Committee attended by at least a quorum of two thirds of the total membership.


If the activities of the Students’ Council Committee are found to be detrimental to the interest of the College, the College Authority may liquidate/postpone the activities of the Students’ Council Committee after giving due notice/information to the Office Bearers of the Students’ Council Committee in a formal written correspondence.