Vision & Mission


The Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram envisions a Deemed University based on moral and human values where quality and relevant education is provided to mould and educate the youth of contemporary world.

The vision entails an institute with the highest standards with a commitment to hardwork and dependence on God where there is a balanced integration of secular education and spiritual grooming as the underpinning philosophy for the right kind of understanding for students to have a better future in this competitive world.


Our mission is to provide and facilitate quality education to students so as – to mould and equip them with relevant knowledge and skills; to make them competent, reliable and responsible citizens in the society, nation and beyond.

We seek to be a nurturing ground for students and provide holistic development through human values teaching, academic excellence and professional competence to make effective contribution to society in a dynamic environment. Students will be equipped and enabled to seek, share and serve continually to be genuine sources of blessing for the society through excellence in education. They will serve the contemporary world by transforming societies at large and they will make crucial contributions to communal harmony and national integration.

We are committed to imparting good leadership qualities, communication and interpersonal skills, commitment, problem-solving ability, value-driven mind-set, professionalism, flexibility, motivation, and sharp intellectual curiosity in our students.