Campus Choir:

HATIM choir was founded in the year 2007 since from its inception it went smoothly by the grace of God by performing songs for growth in spiritual and human concept. The choir sings at important moments in the life of college community such as graduation ceremony, Advance Christmas, Fresher’s social and another institution organized functions. HATIM Choir will be the champion for striving changes lives directly or indirectly, through performances and educational programming.

Aims and objectives:

  1. Uphold the founding principle of promoting Godliness and the studies of good learning.
  2. Promote values of courtesy, mutual respects and tolerance.
  3. Offer a balanced and challenging curriculum which encourages high academic aspirations, physical endeavor and spiritual and moral awareness.
  4. To help choir members become more confident singers.

The 2014-15 season was one of significant artistic and creative success for the HATIM Choir, and continued community and outreach ministry, and we’re glad that you were a part of it. It has been an exciting and grandeur year for all of us. The Choir members have continued to provide wonderful singing at the College Day Cum Freshers’ Social and Christian Youth Ministry (CYM) Anniversary and Crusade Programme held on 15th August, 2015 at Bazar Veng. We have seen a lot of growth this year in our choir. We are becoming more confident with the services and are moving forward in learning vocal control and exercising voice tune.

In the coming year, I certainly would like to branch out a little by learning some new settings of some of the songs we do every small. This will require implementing regular, monthly practices. I would also love to have a few more female voices.

HATIM Choir In-charge and Members:

Director: Mr. R. Lalnunthara

Conductor: Dr. C. Lalengzama

Asst. Conductors: Mr. T. Lalrinmuana & Mr. C. Lalruatkima

All of the singers involved in these ensembles have demonstrated commitment, dedication and above all an energetic love of singing. The outstanding success of these groups this year is due to the hard work and organisation skills of the choir Convener – Sir Rinmuana. I would like to send out a big thank you to all of the Choir Members and of course all the singers involved in these choirs here at HATIM.


    1. HK Lalrintluangi
    2. Lalruatpuii
    3. Wendy. C. Lalremsiami
    4. Lalnunsangi
    5. Lallianpuii Khawlhring
    6. Gospel B. Rochanmawii
    7. Lallianzami
    8. Lucy Zorinpuii
    9. Lalmuanzuali
    10. F. Lalhmangaihsangi


    1. Melody B. Lalnunmawii
    2. Dengthanmawii Zadeng
    3. Malsawmzuali
    4. Nancy Laltanpuii


    1. K. Lalhriatpuia
    2. Lalnunsanga
    3. Zadingliana Hrahsel
    4. F. Lalhluzuala
    5. Romel Zohmingsanga


    1. C. Lalrohlua
    2. Gospel Lalsangzela
    3. Joseph Lalrinawma
    4. HC. Lalrinsanga
    5. LP. Lalnunpuia
    6. Lalnunzira
    7. C. Lalhruaitluanga
    8. Jonathan Laltleipuia

As usual, we still need new singers for the choir, so please think about whether you could be part of that Ministry: You don’t need to be an expert musician, just to enjoy singing.