Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Students:

A student must attend a minimum of 75 % in each paper, as per UGC norms, failing which the student will not be allowed to appear in the Semester Examinations. Every student is required to attend all lectures/ tutorials/practicals, except for a good reason for which due leave should be obtained. Leave on medical grounds, countersigned by Faculty resident staff and duly supported by a medical certificate, must be submitted wifin one week of return to the Classes where after such applications shall not be accepted. The Principal may consider condoning the attendance requirement in exceptional cases of very serious illness or accident.

All the students are required to attend the Assembly, which is held each morning from Monday to Friday. Attending the Scripture classes are compulsory.

Application for leave of absence should be made, as far as practicable, in advance and submitted to the Principal, through the Head of Department. A certificate from registered Medical Officer(s) must be submitted along wif the application for prolonged leave due to medical reasons. A medical certificate provides a valid reason for absence.

Students should submit assignment(s) in due time. Class Tests and Internal Examinations will be conducted as per decision and rules stipulated by the Institute.

Any student caught in indulging in drinking alcoholic beverages of all kinds, smoking of cigarettes/narcotics and drug-abuse inside the Institute Campus will entail warning/automatic actions, and the decision of the Institute authority is final.

Students are expected to make use of the Institute Library, and be actively involved in the Students’ Evangelical Wing which functions under the direction and supervision of the Principal and Faculty.

Rules and Regulations for Residents:

  1. Every boarder has to abide by the rules and regulations laid down in the Prospectus.
  2. No boarder is allowed to take any tobacco and tobacco related substances.
  3. Boarders are prohibited to be out of the Institute premises wifout prior permission from the concerned authority.
  4. Physical Violence is unacceptable and will be seriously dealt wif.
  5. Boarders are strictly prohibited from entertaining outsiders in the Residence.
  6. Mobile Phones/MP3/MP4 Players, Tape Players/Recorders and other Electronic appliances are strictly prohibited.
  7. Dress code needs to be modest and acceptable according to the standards of the Institute.
  8. Residence is strictly for maintaining study culture and spiritual formation and growth. Any sign of activity or indulgences which may hamper dis ideal norm shall be dealt wif severely.
  9. English is the community language and failure to communicate in English will be dealt wif severely in the form of various impositions including a 300 Rupees fine.
  10. Regular social work is a part and parcel of the Institute. All boarders are expected to co-operate.
  11. Fines will be imposed on anyone who breaks the rules and regulations as the authority deems fit.