About the College

Established in June, 2007, the Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram (HATIM) is the first Residential Co–ed College in Mizoram undertaken by a christian organization (Baptist Church of Mizoram).

HATIM genuinely cares for the youth of the society and always seeks to fulfill its mission in positively transforming lives of young people through education. One will find in the Institute quality education based on good moral conduct, Christian values and English-speaking culture. It strives to bring some of the finest committed scholars from all over the state and beyond, to teach and guide students in their academic pursuits for excellence and earnest commitment.


The seed for an Institute for Higher and Technical Education had been planted in the hearts of the Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) leadership for a long time since the BCM has been pioneering elementary to higher education in Mizoram since the advent of the Gospel in Mizoram.  It began to take shape in 2005 with a proper write-up which resulted in a resolution passed in the 110th Assembly of the BCM in March, 2006.

Dr. Chawngthanpari was appointed by the BCM as Project Director in 2006. She undertook the task of researching, consulting, and laying the foundation and roadmap for the institution. Finally, the Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram (HATIM) was established by the Society of Higher and Technical Studies in 2007 and began to function with a prayer led by the founding Principal Dr. Chawngthanpari on 21st June 2007 with 29 resident students and 5 dedicated faculty who were committed to make an “institute with a difference.” Rev. F. Sangvela, the then Associate General Secretary of the Baptist Church of Mizoram dedicated the Institute on 22nd June 2007. The Institute was officially inaugurated on the 24th January 2008 by Dr. R. Lalthangliana, the then Honourable Minister of State, i/c School Education.  This day is regarded and observed as the Foundation Day of HATIM.


HATIM is established and privately managed by the Society of Higher and Technical Studies under the aegis of the Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM). The Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) is a congregation with a membership of more than one hundred and seventy thousand, and the entire community is committed to render its service to fulfil this Educational Ministry.


• Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

• Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

• Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

• Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English, History, Philosophy, Education, Psychology.



October 2006

Project work on the establishment of the College was in full swing from this month onwards.

November 2006

Final inspection of the proposed College building (the present place) was carried out and groundwork and renovation work of the building was carried out. Governing Board was established. The Government of Mizoram granted the BCM permission to establish a college.

21 June 2007

The College was started with the Principal, 2 lecturers, and 3 other staff members for the first time. The classes commenced with 29 students.

24 January 2008

The College was inaugurated by Dr. R. Lalthangliana, Hon’ble Minister, Government of Mizoram.

7 March 2008

The Mizoram University team for college affiliation visited HATIM for the first time.

17 August 2008

The College started its English Service to be held every Sunday afternoon for the whole town of Lunglei.

October 2008

Mizoram University granted the College Provisional Affiliation along with the affiliation of the following courses, namely:

i)      Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

ii)     Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com (Hons)]

iii)   Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com (Gen)]

July 2010

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), a new course was introduced after Mizoram University provided HATIM with an affiliation for the same.

24 January 2011

HATIM foundation day was observed solemnly.

08 March 2011

The official College website was launched (www.hatim.ac.in) and the Topper’s Plate was installed.

April 2011

A fully equipped Conference Hall was made operational.

May 2011

A Gymnasium was opened in the College campus.

June 2011

Bachelor of Arts – English Core, a new course was introduced after an affiliation provided by the Mizoram University.

December 2011

Ground Breaking of New campus site at Kawmzawl.

August 2012

Opening of an additional Computer Laboratory (Lab No.– 2) to meet increasing academic demands. Installation of 10 KV Kirloskar Diesel Generator to meet all power backup requirements of HATIM.

November 2012

Completion of Library Automation and construction work of Men’s Hostel building at the New Campus site at Kawmzawl.

December 2012

The first Annual Magazine of HATIM, “DOKIMOS” was released by Rev. Dr. K. Lalrinthanga, AGS i/c Mission.

08 September 2013

Foundation for the ST Girls Hostel was laid at the College campus, Kawmzawl by Mr. C. Lalthanliana, Hon’ble Minister, Government of Mizoram.

April 2014

Internet access to all faculty rooms.     

May 2015

At the college’s main campus, Kawmzawl, fences were made and the blacktopping of the road was completed.

May 2015

Purchased two new college buses.

June 2015

Shifting of Men’s Residence to the college main campus Kawmzawl.

10 December 2015

College’s official website was re-launched.

14 January 2016

ST Hostel for Girls was inaugurated by Dr. R. Lalthangliana at the college’s main campus Kawmzawl.

30 March 2016

Farewell and pension of Former Principal Dr. Chawngthanpari.

April 2016

Laying down the foundation of Administrative Block at College campus Kawmzawl.

16 May 2016

The new Principal, Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak took the principal charge.

22 June 2016

Signing of Contract between NECS and BCM for the construction of Administrative Building.

22 August 2016

A recognition letter under UGC Act, sections 2(f) and 12(b) was received from the UGC.

17 September 2016

Construction of Vertical Extension of Ladies’ Residence-II started.

09 November 2016

Construction of Water Reservoir at the Campus funded by HPC, Lunglei started.

March 2018

Provisional Affiliation: An Inspection Team from Mizoram University visited the college for affiliation inspection on 12th June 2017. As a result of the inspection, provisional affiliation was granted for the subjects of History and Philosophy. Also, as required by the UGC norms, two qualified teachers were required to grant provisional affiliation to the Department of English. The college was able to fulfill therequirement within this academic year as two new qualified Assistant Professors were recruited for the department and a report was duly submitted to Mizoram University in March 2018.

14 February 2019

A moving to Kawmzawl Campus was initiated by three departments namely., Commerce, English, and Social Work department. Meanwhile, the Computer Applications department was to till occupy the town campus untilthe notice of the change. 

15 March 2019

Foundation for the Academic Block ‘C’ was laid. 

July 2020

Bachelor of Arts (History Core), Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy Core), Bachelor of Arts (Education Core), andBachelor of Arts (Psychology Core) were newly introduced after Mizoram University provided an affiliation. 

September 2020

With faculty training, HATIM started online teaching through its own Learning Management System (LMS) on 7th September 2020. Only after 15 days, 115 lecture videos and tutorials were recorded, created, and uploaded to the college teaching repository.

November 2020

All the departments and offices shift fully from the Town campus at Chanmari to the permanent campus at Kawmzawl.

March 2021

The Academic Block ‘A’ was made ready to be occupied starting from the new academic session till further notice. 

09 March 2021

Commencement of new academic session with the admission of Day Scholars.

21 February 2022

Administrative Building was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. V. Laldingliana, President, Baptist Church of Mizoram.

4 July 2022

First Core students in Psychology and Education departments:  The Psychology and Education subjects were introduced in the institute in  2020-2021 academic session. Now that the students enter their third year after beginning the subjects, we begin to enrol core students for these subjects.

4 July, 2022

The BA & B.Com  faculty room and classrooms in the new Academic Block ‘C’ building have been occupied.

26 January, 2023

HATIM receives the first prize for the cleanest institution in Lunglei. This award is given by the Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation (UD & PA) Depatment, Lunglei District, Govt. of Mizoram. 

9 September 2022

HATIM Literary Club was established for the first time in the history of the Institute and the first meeting was held on 9th September, 2022 which saw 64 enrolments to the club from the students.

29 November 2022

The new computer / IT laboratory, the Psychology laboratory and  Language Laboratory in the Academic  Block ‘C’ is inagurated.

3 February 2023 

Declaration of single use plastic free campus was held on 3rd February, 2023 in the Administrative Buildng by the Principal. 

18 April 2023

On initiative of the Department of History, the first ever Museum on the Campus was inaugurated by the Principal on 18th April, 2023.

22 March 2024

HATIM has made an important remarkable event of village adaptation program at Zotuitlang.

28 March 2024

1. After the completion of the principal's quarter, the principal has moved into the college campus

2. The construction of basketball court was completed.