Dr. John C. Lalduhsaka

Dr. John C. Lalduhsaka
Dr. John C. Lalduhsaka
HOD, Assistant Professor
MA (Philosophy), NET, M. Phil in Planning and Development (IITB), Ph.D in Philosophy


Journal Publication:

  1. Lalduhsaka, J.C. 2019. Truth: Gandhi’s Concept of Justice. In. Remarking: An Analisation Vol. IV, Issue I. Pp. 209-212. http://www.socialresearchfoundation.com/upoadreserchpapers/5/274/1912090601131st%20john%20lalduhsaka.pdf
  2. Lalduhsaka, J.C. 2019. Understanding John Rawl’s Principles of Justice: An Analysis. In. Erudition Vol II, Issue I. Pp. 58-62