Philosophy Awareness Campaign Report

Philosophy Awareness Campaign Report

19th September, 2023

The Department of Philosophy, HATIM organised a Philosophy Awareness Campaign on 18th September (Monday), 2023 at Government Higher Secondary School, Chanmari, Lunglei.

The programme is an educational programme carried out to spread awareness among school students on what Philosophy is all about- as an academic discipline and as an essential aspect of our everyday life. 

The 5th and 3rd semester students from HATIM presented papers among class 12 (section A and B) students on the origin, nature and scope of philosophy, covering the main branches of philosophy and career opportunities available with a degree in Philisophy. 

Brochures made in local language were distributed  highlighting the benefits and importance of philosophy in one's life. 

The main objective of this educational programme (Awareness Campaign) was to aware the students the importance of having an understanding of  philosophy as an essential aspect of life.