Faculty and Student Exchange Programme – Dept. of History & Govt. J. Buana College

Faculty and Student Exchange Programme – Dept. of History & Govt. J. Buana College

27th April, 2023

27 April 2023: Faculty and Student Exchange Programme between Department of History, Govt J Buana College and Department of History, HATIM was held on 25th and 26th April 2023, in consonance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two. A thriving programme was accomplished with positive feedback from both faculty and students.

The first day of the programme was held at GJBC. It began with the opening function and was chaired by Dr. Lalzarzova, Asst Professor, GJBC. Dr. B. Lalrinchhani, HOD, History, GBJC, made an opening remark and stated that exchange programme can be quite challenging for both students and teachers and wished that it must be continued in the future. Department Introductions were given by Ms. Lalruathlui Khiangte, Asst Professor, HATIM and Mr. Rothangliana, Asst Professor, GJBC respectively. Self – introduction was given by each student. Lecture sessions were held with exchange of faculty and students. Interactive session among students followed with the gathering and discussions on various issues. They even amused themselves by playing games.

The second day of the programme took place at HATIM. Lecture classes were taken by faculty from both colleges, which were divided into four sessions. Students interacted among themselves by strolling through the campus, which created close connection among themselves.

A closing function was held at the Auditorium and the chairperson was Ms. Lalruathlui Khiangte, Asst Professor, HATIM. Feedback from faculty was heard from Mr. Rothangliana, Asst Professor, GJBC, who expressed his thrilling experience to teach students of HATIM. Reuben Remruatfela, 6th Semester, History, HATIM also spoke out his thoughts on lectures clearly presented and further shared how examples given coordinated with a particular topic discussed. Ms. Linda Chongthu, Asst Professor gave her feedback about how students cooperated well and were responsive enough that she enjoyed those lecture sessions. Jack Lalnunmawii, 6th Semester, History, GJBC showed his gratitude towards the teachers, and thankful that he was part of this programme. He conveyed that a programme like this will help students build up his/her skills in one way or another. Apart from these, various students and faculty stood up and expressed their lucrative experiences which proved that this exchange programme was a success. The programme ended with vote of thanks from Mr. Benjamin Lalnunfima, HOD, History, HATIM.AND STUDENT

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