Department of Commerce: Departmental Parents-Teachers Meet – 2019

Department of Commerce: Departmental Parents-Teachers Meet – 2019

19th September, 2019

Dept. of Commerce: Report of Departmental Parents-Teachers Meet – 2019


Name of Event: Parents Teachers Meeting

Date of Event: 19th Sept. 2019

Venue: HATIM Auditorium, Chanmari Campus.


The Department of Commerce organized the First departmental PT meeting for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester on 18th September 2019. The parents / local guardians responded very well to our invitation. There were 57 out of 59 parents / guardian. They came from different part of Mizoram. Some of them came from Serte, Champhai, Aizawl, Chawngte to attend the meeting. The meeting lasted for two hours (i.e 1:00pm – 2:00pm).

The event was organized to help the parents to realized their respective Roles in promoting integrated education and seek parents – co-operation and involvement in the integrated Programme as well as for the students’ improvement in different aspects.

The first part of the meeting was formally started with Bible reading and a Prayer led by Mr Lalnunthara, Vice Principal of HATIM, who was also The Chairman of this PTA meeting programme. He welcomed all the attendees and gave a brief introduction of the Event.

The programme was differentiated into five presentation presented by the faculty of Commerce Department. All presentation was done with PowerPoint Presentation. The following were the allocation and the area where the presentation was performed.

1)    Department Report – Miss Vankhawpuimawii Pachuau, (Head of department, Department of Commerce)

2)    Presentation on Result & Evaluation System – Mr R Lalnunthara, Vice Principal, HATIM (Assistant Professor)

3)    Presentation on Attendance System – Mr Lalruatkima Sailo (Assistant Professor)

4)    Presentation on Students’ Profile – Miss Vanlalkimliani (Assistant Professor)

5)    Presentation on Student’s Feedback Form - Miss C. Lalrintluangi (Assistant Professor)

In the presentation, it has highlighted Co-curricular, Extra Curricular activities such as Add on Course, Mentorship programme, Importance of students’ profile, Academic Performance record, Attendance, Result evaluation system etc. Achievements of the students in the field of Entrepreneurship, Higher Studies, Sports, Jobs and other important relevant issues were discussed.

After every Presentation, a time of interactions and Queries were open, the Queries were resolves as answered to the satisfaction level of Parents by the faculty. The attendees shared opinions, thoughts and suggestion for the improvement for the students, college and discussed the related barriers and solutions. The Parents gave very good feedback for the programme as well as about the participation of faculty staff in all the academic as well as Co-curricular activities.

It was a great interaction between the teachers and the parents for the development of their children where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvement, and their suggestions were noted.

It was also appealed to the parents to give feedback by using feedback form which will help the department, college to improve sustain its quality.

We really had a good time and disperse with a sincere hope that such event should be organized in future.

The vice Principal closed the programme with a prayer and the Parents-Teachers meet came to an end with the conclusion that the progress of the students depends on the joint effort of Parents and Teachers.

PTA Meeting 2019 - Commerce Dept