15th April, 2019


H. Lalruatkima

Creative Director

The Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram (HATIM) have organized a Youth Festival called Hill Fest on the 15th and 16th March, 2019. A Youth festival is an event where youths finds an array of events and activities to participate in and get to experience varied aspects of life learning lessons.



The main idea behind the Festival is to provide a positive engagement for students and youths, especially the Southern part of Mizoram where creativity and ideas will be nurtured. The festival is opened to the public and invitations are given out to different business and private firms to open stalls to showcase their talents and creativity. The vision of providing a platform for positive engagement will subsequently lower the highly alarming rise of many societal problems of disgruntled and frustrated youths who turn to alcohol, drugs and substance abuse which then lead to the vicious circle of poverty.

This festival is aimed at creating an event where youths, especially college students finds an array of events and activities to participate in and get to experience varied aspects of life learning lessons. A college festival is not just for fun, rather it is a platform to add values to students’ learning experience. In fact, in as much as studies are important, it is also essential that students immerse themselves in cultural and other co and extra-curricular activities for their personal development. It provides a good platform to learn and build qualities like leadership, organizational skills, team work, enhancement of creativity and talents to unearth and showcase hidden potentials and various abilities of students.



The festival is operated and maintained by The Committee for Creativity and Innovations, HATIM who are presently running programmes, workshops and various interest cubs for youths at the college successfully.

The members of the Committee of Creativity and Innovations for the current session are as follows:

1. Mr. H. Lalruatkima, Creative Director

2. Mr. John C. Lalduhsaka, Creative Director

3. Paul Rosangliana, Secretary

4. Priscillla Lalhmingsangi, Asst. Secretary

5. Ramtharnghaki, Asst.Secretary

6. Mr. Ramnundanga, Residence Guide

7. Mr. Joseph Lalhunmawia, Convener Discipline Committee

8. Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak, Principal (Ex-Officio)

9. Mr. Vuansanga Vanchhawng, Vice Principal (Ex-Officio)



The development objectives of promoting a Youth festival for Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram are as under:

1. To create an annual youth festival that is intimate fun, thought-provoking and sometimes challenging.

2. Build a common arena for the promotion and presentation of various talents and creativity – ‘Diversity in Unity’.

3. To Provide a program of events which engages and inspires the interest of the students and youths in many forms; from poetry writing to music composition, from painting to photography, etc. to enhance and nurture their creativity. A positive engagement for a positive outcome.

4. Set up an inclusive forum that brings together those with a common interest in speaking and the written word.

5. To promote and improve various life’s skills through the opportunity to work together on various projects / events in the festival.

6. To promote and enhance Personality Development through various programs included in the festival.

7. To develop a center for skill and entrepreneurship training and creating a platform for students and youths to showcase their organizational, business and creativity skills.

8. To promote and appreciate arts and culture significance in the process of learning.



Interest clubs are formed so that creativity and talents can be nurtured in a more systematic way. Students are asked to sign up for a club of their choice and work together with people of common interest. Two Saturdays a month are given to the members to engage in these clubs for meetings and work on their interests. There are leaders and secretaries in each club to record and organize the working and progress of the clubs. There are patrons from the faculty of the college to guide the various clubs. The Committee of Creativity and Innovations, HATIM oversees the activities of these clubs.

They various clubs are provided materials and skilled resources. Seminars or trainings are conducted to enhance their creativity and outlook. They are given the opportunity and the platform to showcase their talents and creativity by setting up various stalls or stations and on-stage performances / platforms during the festival. 

The list of clubs along with their club patrons and leaders are as follows:-


Patron: Miss Janet Lawmsangzuali

Leader: Debia Tugu

Secretary: H. Lalrinmawii



Patron: Miss Laldinkimi Khiangte

Leader: F. Lalrimawia

Secretaries:   (i) Caroline VL Hriati

(ii) R. Lalmawizuali


3)    IT CLUB

Patron: Mr. Joseph Lalhunmawia

Leader: Vanlalhruaizela

Secretary: Remchhingpuii



Patron: Mr. Lalbiakdika Pachuau

Leader: C. Lalruatkima

Secretaries:   (i) C. Malsawmtluangi

                        (ii) Lalhriatpuii



Patron: Miss Dony Lalrinfeli

Leader: Diana Lalremsiami

Secretary: Lawmsangzuali Sailo



Patrons:         (i) Miss Vankhawpuimawii Pachau

                        (ii) Mr. R. Lallianzela

Leader: Benjamin Ramchanpuia

Secretaries:   (i) Hmingsangzuali Sailo

                        (ii) Lalremdinchhungi



Patron: Miss HT Zuali

Leader: Lalnuntluanga

Secretaries:   (i) Lalrinngheti

                        (ii) Lalhruaitluangi



Patron: Mr. R. Lalnunthara

Leader: Lalmalsawma Sailo

Secretary: Gracy Lalrinfeli



Patron: Mr. T. Lalrinmuana

Leader: Vanlalhruaia Sailo

Secretaries:   (i) Dinpuii Chhakchhuak

                        (ii) Ruth Rosangpuii



Patron: Mr. H. Lalrinawma

Leader: Saihmingliana Sailo

Secretaries:   (i) ZD Lalengkimi

                        (ii) F. Lalzuihlui



Patron: Miss Remruatpuii

Leader: Vanlalrinmawia

Secretaries:   (i) Malsawmkimi

                        (ii) Caroline Lalchhingpuii



Patron: Mr. Ramnundanga



The committee of Creativity and Innovations decided to look for funds from various sources. With the initiative of the Principal, a Project Concept Paper was submitted to Mizoram Youth Commission (MYC) and North Eastern Council (NEC) to fund the festival. Positive responses were received from the concept paper. The North Eastern Council (NEC) was very glad to fund such a project / event for Youth Development and they became the Main Sponsor for the event. The Mizoram Youth Commission also co-sponsored the event. A total of 12 local sponsors also contributed to the event.



The Committee of Creativity and Innovations formed eight Sub-Committees to look after various tasks for the success of the festival. Each committee is assigned specific roles and responsibilities and each of them functioned actively during the preparation and the main events of the festival. The success of the festival relies greatly in the active participation and functioning of these sub-committees.


The various sub-committees are as follows:- 

1.    Banner and Decorations:

Adviser: Miss Jessy Lalawmpuii

Leader: C. Lalruatkima (BA VI)



(i)  Zomuanpuii (BA VI)

(ii)  Rosangliana (BA VI)

(iii)  Lalringngheti (BA VI)

(iv)  Maria Laltanpuii (B. Com VI)

(v)  Vanparmawii (BSW IV)

(vi)  Stephen Lalruatfela (BCA VI)


2.    Health and Sanitation

Advisers: Sir Emmanuel Lalruatsanga & Miss Thlamuanpuii

Leader: Lalremsanga (BSW VI)


(i)  Malsawma (BA IV)

(ii)  Immanuel Lalropuia (BSW IV)

(iii)  M.C. Zothansanga (BSW IV)

(iv)  Lalrinhlua (B. Com IV)

(v)  Jonathan (BA IV)


3.    Information and Publicity

Advisers: Sir Vanlalnghaka Hnamte (Tenghaka) & Sir Vanlalnghaka (Nghaktea)
Leader: Dinpuii Chhakchhuak (B. Com VI)


(i)  Gracy Lalrinfeli (BSW IV)

(ii)  Lalvensanga (BCA VI)

(iii)  Laldinsanga (BCA IV)

(iv)  Moses Lalruatsanga (BSW VI)

(v)  Lalhruaizela (B. Com VI)

(vi)  Vanlalrinmawia (BA IV)


4.    Light and Sound

Adviser: Sir Benjamin Lalnunfima

Leader: Hmangaihzuala (BCA VI)


(i)  Lalhriatzuala (BSW IV)

(ii)  Laldinpuia (B. Com VI)

(iii)  Lalrampana (BCA IV)

(iv)  Jacob Ramdinpuia (BCA VI)

(v)  Ruth Lalthlamuani (BA VI)


5.    Ushering and Reception

Adviser: Miss Vanlalkimliani and Miss Lalchhuanawmi

Leader: R. Lalmuanchhana (BA VI)


(i)  Hmangaihkimi (BSW VI)

(ii)  H. Lalrinmawii (BA VI)

(iii)  Lalzahawma (B. Com IV)

(iv)  Lalneihkimi (BSW IV)

(v)  Max Lalkhawliana (BA IV)


6.    Invitation and Sponsorship

Adviser: Sir Joseph Lalhunmawia
Leader: Lalremliana Chhakchhuak (BA VI)


(i)  L.P. Remsangpuii (BA VI)

(ii)  C.B. Laltlanchhuaha (B. Com IV)

(iii)  Z.D. Lalnuntluanga (BA VI)

(iv)  Lalruatpuia (B. Com IV)

(v)  Malsawmdawngkimi (BSW VI)


7.    Transportation and Vehicle Arrangement

Adviser: Sir RTC Lalremruata

Leader: Isaac Lalremruata (BSW VI)


(i)  Dominic Lalawmpuia (BCA IV)

(ii)  Lalchhanchhuaha (BSW VI)

(iii)  Joel P . Zodintluanga (BCA IV)

(iv)  R. Vanlawma (BCA IV)


8.    Security

Adviser: Sir Lalruatfela Ralte

Leader: Ramdinmawia (B. Com VI)


(i)  Lalrelkima (B. Com VI)

(ii)  Francis Zonunmawia (BSW IV)

(iii)  Andrew Lalmuanawma (BCA VI)

(iv)  Malsawmdawngliana (BA IV)



This festival marked its significant entry as the first time a college have organized such an event in Mizoram. The venue of the festival is at the Permanent Campus of HATIM at Kawmzawl, Pukpui, Lunglei. The festival lasts for two days, i.e, on the 15th and 16th of March, 2019. The main events during the festival are briefly reported below.


First Day : 15th March, 2019 (9:30AM – 6:00PM)

The festival was inaugurated by Rev. F. Ramdinmawia, General Secretary, Baptist Church of Mizoram, who was the Chief Guest for the first day. Rev. Zohmingliana AGS i/c Service BCM laid the foundation stone for the College Academic Block-C after the inaugural ribbon cutting by the Chief Guest.

Red carpet event: This event takes place after the inaugural ribbon cutting. It includes the introduction/interviews of Invited Guests and for the introduction of various stalls and activities, interviews of general public and announcements. The whole event which includes the red carpet and the main stage events were hosted by Mr. T. Lalrinmuana, Miss Laldinkimi Khiangte and Miss Janet Lawmsangzuali.

The Red Carpet event was followed by visitation of various stalls, devotions by the AGS i/c Service BCM, keynote address by the Principal Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak and speech by the Chief Guest.

Departmental Event: This is a showcase of the indigeneity and department specific event or programme. Mr. K. Lalmuanpuia, HOD, Department of Computer Sciences and Mr. R. Lalnunthara, faculty, Department of Commerce used this platform to introduce their departments and gave a report of the various activities, courses and success stories.

Talent Hunt (The Hills got Talent): This is a competition of different talents from various clubs or individuals. The talent hunt includes all performances except musical vocal items and is open for all. Prizes are made for the best talent shows. There are seven participants / talents in this event from the college students and various localities within Lunglei Town. The items vary from on-the-spot painting and creative choreography performances.

Original Film Festival: One of the main event in this festival is Original Film Festival where entries are open for a Short Film Competition. The Chief Judge of this event will be Mapuia of Leitlang Pictures, one of the most renowned figure in the field of Videography in Mizoram. Interest groups or individuals are invited to submit their original short film which will are judged based on different criteria by the Judge and the top three films along with an original film from Leitlang Pictures were screen in the College Auditorium.  A total of 12 original films were submitted from different interest groups / individuals from New Delhi, Aizawl and Lunglei.

Creative Writing Competition: This competition is open for individuals with a passion for creative writing which includes poetry, songs, short stories, etc. There are several entries for this competition which are judged by two faculties from the Department of English.

Special Performances: Special Invitees / Celebrities performed during the events at convenient times. The performers on the first day were:-

1) Esther Lalruatfeli Khiangte

2) Lalrinhlui Pialtu

Exhibition Center: Three Exhibition Centers were opened for various clubs such as Fine Arts Club, Photography Club and Handicraft Club. Interested artists are invited to display their artwork. The exhibition centers saw entries from many participants not only from inside the college but also from outside. The artwork displayed were judged by experts select the best in each category. The items were made available for sale/auction by the end of the Festival.

Stalls: Various stalls and other counters were opened and managed by different interest clubs and interested vendors. A total of 23 stalls were open to the public out of which 5 stalls were rented by vendors outside the college community. Stall owners have shown their creative work and achievements in their stalls and their products were available for sale.

The various activities put forward by different clubs and vendors for the festival are as follows.


·         Food Stalls

·         Face Painting

·         Handicraft / Arts and Crafts Stall

·         Fete Stalls which includes various activities

·         Photo Booth / Photography Stall

·         Computer Games and V.R. Parlour (IT games)                                                                      

·         Souvenir Shop

·         Fitness Stalls

·         Electronic and gadget stalls


These stalls are open throughout the festival even when the main activities are going on in the main stage. The stalls saw many visitors and the revenue generated was very high for a start.


Second Day: 16th March, 2019 (9:30AM - 7:30PM)

Mr. Andrew Lalhruaia, District Urban Development Officer (DUDO), UD&PA Lunglei was the Chief Guest on second day of the festival. The chief guest inaugurated the Solid Waste Management Plant for the college. The visitation of the various stalls by the invitees / guests took place after the inauguration which is followed by a speech by the Chief Guest.

Departmental Event: The Department of English showcased a very interesting character play of renowned personalities in the field of Arts and Literature which is conducted by Mrs. HT Zuali, HOD. This event is followed by a departmental introduction and report by Mr. Rosangliana Khiangte, HOD Department of Social Work.

Music / Band competition: A Music / Band competition was organized for youths to showcase their talent and creativity in music. The competition was divided into two sessions. Participants from the college’s Music Club and from various localities in and outside Lunglei Town signed up for this event. 

First Session: Solo Competition

There was a total of 12 participants in this competition. Each participant was allowed to perform one song (English or Mizo). The competition was held in the forenoon and a lot of gifted youths revealed and show their talents in this competition.

Second Session: Band Competition

A total of six bands compete in this event. Each band were given 10 minutes in which they performed two songs each. The event drew the attention and praise of not only the judges but the crowd as well. Prizes were given to the best three bands and individual prizes were given to the top six musicians/performers.

Special Performances: Special Invitees / Celebrities performed during the events at convenient times. The performers on the second day were:-

1) Pensy B. Lalthangliani

2) R. Lalramchhana



This is showcase of the fashion designs initiated by the Design Club. Also, the participants for Fancy Dress Competition were given the platform to make their appearance on stage. Prizes will be given to two categories – Best Costume and Best Design. The participants showcased their creativity in fashion designing in the Fashion Parade. A total of 10 designs which were worn by different models were displayed in the competition. The fancy dress competition also saw a great success as 12 participants showcased their creativity by dressing up as different characters and personalities.

Stalls and Exhibition centers are simultaneously running during the main events are throughout the second day as well.



After the completion of all the events, the Grand Finale closed the festival in which there were reports from the Creative Director Mr. H. Lalruatkima, Prize Distribution, Concluding Remarks from the Principal Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak, Vote of thanks from Mr. Joseph Lalhunmawia and concluding prayer from the Vice Principal Mr. Vuansanga Vanchhawng.

Open Air Concert: After the festival was concluded, an open air concert was held in which the top three bands performed. The cheer and dancing marks the ending of a great festival which sparks a light in the hearts of people which will continue to burn in the coming years.



On record, the festival was attended by more than 1000 people from outside the college plus college students and staff. This record is just an approximate count from the reception counter which is sure to be a lot higher. One of the stalls crossed 1lakh in sales during the two-day festival which proves the number of attendances is high. Another significant remark is that the campus is completely smoke, alcohol and drug free during the festival. People from outside respect the campus and this resulted in creating a safe atmosphere even for small children to enjoy the festival. This is the reason many people spent the festival as a quality time for the whole family. The festival proves that youths crave for a platform to show their creativity and if youths are engaged positively, when they are busy doing what they are most interested, there is no time to misuse and time is spent productively. Also, it proves that youth are yearning to learn if they are given a platform, and it is still possible to conduct such an event without drug and alcohol abuse. It is a great success in terms of nurturing the talents and creativity of the youths and looking at the results, it proves Hill Fest is a wonderful opportunity to build and shape the talents of youth which the college strongly believe will serve for the greater good of our society.




1. Talent Hunt

First Prize: Johan’s Freak, Lunglei (Choreography)

Second Prize: Lalmalsawma Sailo, Fine Arts Club HATIM (Painting)

Third Prize: Lalnunsanga leh Lalruatsangi (Choreography)



1) Pensy B. Lalthangliani

2) C. Lalzarmawia

3) Jimmy L. Sailo


2. Original Film Festival

First Prize: Hrairiangte (BS Pictures, Aizawl)

Second Prize: Beiseina (Thereng Ink Production, Aizawl)

Third Prize: Ellie (Hill Side Production, Lunglei)


Judge: Mapuia Chongthu, Leitlang Pictures


3. Solo Competition

First Prize: Lalremliana Chhakchhuak, Music Club HATIM

Second Prize: Ruth Lalthlamuani, Music Club HATIM

Third Prize:

(i) MC Laldingliani, Hnahthial

(ii) F. Lalkhawngaihsangi, Music Club HATIM



1) Pensy B. Lalthangliani

2) C. Lalzarmawia

3) Jimmy L. Sailo


4. Band Competition

First Prize: Hill Side, Lunglei

Second Prize: Eavesdrop, Lunglei

Third Prize:

(i) Red Sky Harbour, Zotlang

(ii) The Hard Radio, Music Club HATIM


Best Vocalist: Lalremliana Chhakchhuak, The Hard Radio

Best Guitarist: Lalremmuana, Red Sky Harbour

Best Drummer: Kimkima Khiangte, Hill Side

Best Bassist: Reuben Murray, Hill Side

Best Keyboardist: Nelson Chawngthu, Hill Side

Best Rhythm Guitarist: Mission Hnamte, Hill Side



1) Pensy B. Lalthangliani

2) C. Lalzarmawia

3) Jimmy L. Sailo


5. Exhibition Center Winners

Photography: Daniel Lalruatfela, Chanmari

Judge: Henry de Ccorn


Fine Arts: Lalmalsawma Sailo, Fine Arts Club HATIM

Judge: LT Zohranga


Handicraft: Lalsangpuii, Zohnuai

Judge: James Khamliansawma


6. Creative Writing Competition

Winner: John Laltluangliana



1) Philia L Khiangte

2) Janet Lawmsangzuali


7. Fashion Parade

Best Design: Abawihi



(i) Lalthlamuanpuii (Mimi K Plus)

(ii) Lalrempuii (Lemi G)


8. Fancy Dress Competition

Winner: Lalrinzuala Rokhum



(i) Lalthlamuanpuii (Mimi K Plus)

(ii) Lalrempuii (Lemi G)