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"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you"


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Glory Glory HATIM
  - Kim Mifel  on  26-04-14
My dear one big family... I hope u are all doing fine.,.. Thanx 2 all of u 4 ur prayer support.,.. We missed all of u..,. Remember..if God helps those who can help themselves...He will also helps those who cannot help themselves...WITH GOD IT'S US AGAINSTS THE WORLD..
  - B.LALTHLAMUANPUIA  on  14-07-13
I lOve HAtim very much!!!
  - Muanzuali  on  03-10-13
I'm proud to be HATIMians
  - Andrew  on  03-08-13
Hello HATIMIANs, its so good that we keep our website running. Would be very good if it is updated often. Keep up the good work Admin (Y).
  - Lalruatkima  on  03-04-14
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             Hatim Evangelical Wing  

WELCOME to the Higher and Technical Institute of Mizoram, the first “Christian Residential Co–Ed in Mizoram”. HATIM is conceptualized and was founded in 2007 as the first Christian College in Mizoram with a view to blend sacred and secular education. The congregation with a membership of more than 1 lakh, and other committed persons render service to the fulfillment of this Educational Ministry.

What does one look for in an institution? A profession or just a graduation? The three years of graduation course are very important in a youth's life. The choices that he/she makes and the effort that he/she puts in will determine his/her success in his/her professional and personal life. At this stage, what should a student be looking for in a program and an institution?

  • An Academic area that interests the student and has relevance to his/her future professional life.

  • A program that is so rigorous and continuously evolving that it places the student ahead of his/her peers anywhere in the world.

  • Faculty who have practical knowledge and experience rather than outdated textbook materials.

  • An Institution that takes personal care of a student to ensure he/she becomes a success story.

  • An environment, which is conducive to make the student focus on his/her development.

  • An Institution, which lays stress on Christian values and ideals.

  • A hi-tech environment that constantly exposes the student to the latest technology in the ever changing world.

  • An institution that works hand-in-hand with the Church and the other Colleges.

  • An Institution that has international perspective and partnerships to ensure that the students are equipped to fit into this fast changing world.

  • An institution, which attracts some of the best students from around the country, giving them a life-long network of true friends.

  • Fulfilling all of these, an institution like HATIM is our goal, because we care for the students and treat them like our own.


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