New Admission Open 2017

17th March, 2017  :HOLISTICA 5.0

The Department of Computer Sciences held an event ‘HOLISTICA 5.0’ on 17th March, 2017 at the Conference Hall, HATIM. The theme of the event was “They can, We can”. The event has been held annually for the past five years, with the purpose of enlarging the student’s perspective and broadening their horizon in the technological world.

Mr. Joseph Lalhunmawia, the Head of Department chaired the event. Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak, Principal, HATIM, after delivering an insightful and encouraging speech, dedicated the event in prayer. The forenoon session saw a competition on project presentations from the students regarding software creation, history of OS, games using applications, graphics etc. There were nine groups who participated in the competition. Certain presentations were promising, insightful, fun-filled and interesting. A short talk on Career Guidance by Mr. Andrew Muansanga followed.

The afternoon session saw the students enjoying a gaming competition organized by Mr. Vanlalnghaka Hnamte. The competition was held through LAN and most of the students participated in this competition where the excitement and exhilaration of the game was considered to be the prize. The winners from the forenoon competition were announced as follows:

2nd Semester : Project source code 
4th Semester: The Obstinate Beings
6th Semester: The JRs

After the Prize Distribution, the Chairman gave a Vote of Thanks and closed the event with a prayer.

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5 October, 2015 :    Commerce Day 

In the observation of commerce day, Department seminar was conducted within the Department. All the topics were based on the syllabus of Bachelor of Commerce under the Mizoram  University.  The seminar  was opened  by the  institute  Principal, Dr. Chawngthanpari and it  was divided two session, Technical Session -I and Technical Session – II moderated by Miss Vankhawpuimawii Pachuah (Faculty) and Miss Laldinkimi Khiangte (Faculty) respectively.  The programme was closed with a prayer by  Mr. Vuansanga Vanchhawng, Dean of the College. 

The purpose of the Seminars was to build up the ability, personality and to raise their confidence level in their endeavors and sensitize the Students to various relevant issues and to instill in them a spirit of leadership and service for the Country.  The concerned department benefited immensely from the Seminar as the student were exposed to various scopes available to them while and after their graduation programme.  All in all it was a eventful seminar.  

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Rural camp: Department of Social Work

Department of Social Work, HATIM responds to the University syllabus by conducting Rural Camp for every III semester BSW for 7-10 days to several rural areas. This is meant to give an exposure and appreciate rural lives and conditions and to come in contact with rural realities. Through this the Department gives them an opportunity to start using the professional skills and techniques in which they have been trained and to put the theories into practice.

Social Work Rural Camp helps the students in understanding the core rural life, their problems and needs and helps them in preparing a plan for Social Work practice and Community Development. During Rural Camp the students are expected to be involved in socially productive Activities.

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25th September, 2015 : Festival of Arts Report

The Festival of Arts, an initiative of the Dept. of English, HATIM was held on the 25th September 2015. The Festival started at 9:30 AM where the forenoon session saw the launching of the Theatre Club ‘Theatron’. DM Larson’s “Beauty is a Beast” was staged as the first showcase of the Theatre Club. The play was recieved well by the audience and the members of the Theatre Club gave a striking performance in terms of acting, costumes and set production.

The afternoon session of the festival  saw  items like poetry reading and costume competition. Food Court and various game booths  were open where profits went in aid of the Theatre Club fund. Mr. Vuangsanga Vanchhawng, the Dean of the Institute handed out prizes and gave a very insightful review of the Festival and the Theatre Club Showacse. The Festival was attended by a good number of staffs and students alike. It was a day of celebrating art and craft in all it forms.

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