New Admission Open 2017
Vision and Missions

                   The whole  purpose of education is change – change in the  student’s knowledge, behavior and values and change in relationships, change in the teacher, as a person and as a  teacher.  We  are  committed  to making  positive  changes  through  education,  and such changes  as God is  pleased to work in the students and teachers at a personal level,  as we participate in the  education process.

OUR aims, therefore, as Christian Teachers are:

Firstly,  we  teach  because  man is  inquisitive  by  nature. God  made  man  in His  own  image,   (Gen. 1:26) and  gave us  personalities  and potentials. Those  potentials  need careful nurturing if they are to be realised. While it is the parents’ task to develop those potentials in children, it is generally accepted that normal parents cannot do so adequately by themselves because of limitations in skill, time and knowledge.  The teacher therefore has to act in Loco parentis.  We teach because teaching is a God given task and process whereby students are enabled to develop in the way God has intended.

Second, we believe that teaching is necessary because man is corrupted by sin.  This makes it harder to teach anyone and even after he has acquired the knowledge and skills he is more likely to it use for a wrong purpose.  The Holy Spirit who gives a new nature indwells the Christian, but the old nature still reasserts itself in the life-long process of sanctification. Man is originally made in the image of God with a moral conscience that tells him what is right and wrong. So, our problem is how to teach children whose minds and souls are open and thirsty for knowledge, capable of learning, but with a basic and tragic tendency to misapply that knowledge. A human being needs to learn; the teacher must be ready to teach.  We agree with Edith Schaeffer when she states “Education is giving a child some tools with which to work…tools of language, Maths, practical skills…etc.”

We believe that people are the greatest national resources, more important than minerals, and more important than our fields for harvest. Training and developing this rich resource of people occurs through education. Through this Institute we strive to enable our country to make the most of her people in the enrichment and development of the nation. Good education depends on good teachers.  Good teachers have the potential to transform our nation since they work with the most valuable national assets. Therefore, as Christian teachers, we aim to provide consistent teaching and consistent life demonstration.

The Master Teacher, Jesus Christ himself is our role model.  Our teaching reveals our character.  Teachers who follow the Master Teacher desire to see the children they teach being transformed. We can bring about positive changes in our country through teaching in this Institute.

Our Principle is drawn from the teaching of Jesus Christ. He is our Inspiration; Guiding Light and utmost model of Excellence and Service.  To stand in His strength and to shine forth for His sake will be our motivation, as His Word permeates through our activities and services.  Therefore, the nurturing of students’ academic career together with a single minded commitment to excel in all things and to produce human-resource for humanity is the cause for which HATIM will seek to make itself “the Academy of Excellence.”

Our Vision

We are committed to this important Educational Ministry, and with God’s help we seek to be the most outstanding Graduate Institute in the state of Mizoram.  Our Mission is to help students demonstrate Christian life-style and excellence in academics, leadership and ministry by offering ideal graduate degree courses in Commerce, Computer Sciences, Social Work and in Arts in a caring and loving residential community. We are also committed to a holistic education, and ministry-oriented training for students in various aspects.  Through their commitment and Christian life-style, these students will serve the contemporary world for transforming societies at large and the Mizo society in particular. It is envisioned that HATIM will be a light set on a hill, and the academic and practical experiences will shape the thinking and life-style of its students for effective service in any capacity.

Our Mission

HATIM seeks to be a nurturing ground for an individual’s holistic development to make effective contribution to society in a dynamic environment. This holistic development of an individual will be attained through Biblical teachings, academic excellence, and professional competence, personal, interpersonal and societal skills. Holistic development includes participation in our national dreams and aspirations, and dedication to promote national integration and harmonious living.

The mission of HATIM, therefore is to develop an enthusiastic student, motivated to learn and experience success.  We seek to reach out to the star of perfection through an earnest academic pursuit for “excellence,” and our efforts to blossom into “Service” through creative and empathetic involvement in society to transform it.

Our Core Values

We aim to achieve our mission through faith in God.  To be guided by His Word and the Holy Spirit, recognizing prayer as a lifeline to God and our strength.  We exist for quality education based on Christian values. To produce students with deep commitment to serve humanity with renewed zeal, and the Church as the light.  Encouraging graduates for accountability, integrity, reflective thinking and responsible care for the environment and above all, empowering them to make disciples for our Master Teacher.   Service to humanity and be a blessing for the nations is a life-style and our responsibility.

Students’ life in HATIM is unique, exceptional in training, equipping, activities and life molding, since “a High Quality Christian Student Community Life,” is our value. And our goal is to give the best for the students of today and bringing out the best in them.