New Admission Open 2017

Internal Quality Assurance Cell was established in the year 2013 to meet the requirements of the Mizoram University and in fact the University Grants Commission (UGC). Since its inception IQAC has become a part of the college and has been working as the coordinating body among   all the stake holders of the institution towards realizing the goal of quality enhancement and sustenance. HATIM is in the southern part of Mizoram called Lunglei where only two full fledged colleges are established before. So the need of unique, special and one-of-a-kind college was felt by the Baptist Church of Mizoram(BCM) Church leaders back in the year 2005 to guide the southern Mizoram youths in academic and Spiritual life and in short ‘Holistic Development’, so HATIM was established in the year 2007. Since it is a church-established Institute, administration is very strict and fair from its beginning which means even before the inception of IQAC in the institute, certain measures have been incorporated towards quality education. Presently the institute has four (4) departments:

1. Department of Computer Sciences that offers Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  2. Department of Commerce that offers Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
  3. Department of Social work that offers Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  4. Department of English that offers Bachelor of Arts(BA) Core English.

The Institute does not have a building of its own till date as she occupies BCM Centenary building at Chanmari-III, Lunglei which accommodates a very limited number of students and during the academic session 2014-2015, there are 236 students enrolled in the Institute.

   Composition of IQAC, HATIM
  Chairperson : Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak, Principal. 
  Co-Ordinator : Mr. H.Lalrinawma.
  Members : Mr. R.Lalnunthara. Dept of Commerce
    :Mr. K.Lalmuanpuia, Dept of Computer Sciences
    :Mr. Immanuel Lalramenkima, Department of English
    :Mrs. C.Lalremtluangi, Dept of Social Work
    :Mr. Rev. R. Zohmingliana, Associate General Secretary i/c Service, BCM
   Society Representatives :Mr. VT Zuala. Ex-Principal, Govt. JB College, Lunglei
    :Mr. Sangthanzuala Ralte, Rahsiveng, Lunglei
The Basic Goal of IQAC , HATIM:
# To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the institution
  # To maintain good relationship between stake holders viz. parents, teachers, staff members.
  # To ensure the students to go in the right path so that they will contribute something good in the society and even to the institute in terms of finance etc
Strength of the faculty members:

The following tables show the summary of the strength and improvements of the Faculty members.

Sl No Particulars No of Faculty Percentage Remarks
  1 Total Strength 21  
  2 Ph.D 1  
  3 NET/SLET 9 42.85%  
  4 M.Phil 5 23.80%  
  5 Ph.D Scholars 5 23.80%  
  6 M.Phil Scholars 3 14.28%  
Internal quality measures (Institutional Level) from the month of July, 2014.
  1. Biometric Attendance system:    
    All the staff members are using this technology to maintain the timing of arrival and departure. It is monitored by the Principal.
  2. Students’ report on the teacher’s punctuality in the class: 
    This has been continued since the beginning of the Institute that all he Class representatives are maintaining a record that tells the timing of Teacher’s arrival and exit to the class ensure that classes are started and ended on time to make a quality output.
  3.Teachers’ log sheet:    
    This has been continued since 2008 from its inception. Every teacher writes and record of his/her every activity in the class – topic covered, to which class?, summary upon the response of the students, improvements seen etc.
  4. Lesson plan:    
    Every teacher prepared and maintained a lesson plan for all the subjects taken by him/her and followed them strictly.
  5. Annual Calendar:     
    Annual calendar was made in the beginning of the session.
  6. Department Calendar:     
    Department calendar was made by all the departments in the beginning of the session and observed it strictly.
    HATIM observes a very special activity called ‘Drive’ to put more efforts on certain things a below :
    1. Punctuality drive:    
      Department of computer Sciences has taken care of the drive to emphasize the goodness of punctuality to everyone in the community. The institute awarded the most punctual teacher, staff and class.
    2. Cleanliness drive:    
      Emphasis is given to cleanliness of the college campus, class rooms, faculty rooms, library, office etc. The drive is taken care by the department of Commerce. They call out random students to pick dusts from different places occasionally, and they announce importance of cleanliness every now and then. They indeed awarded cleanliest class room during the drive.
    3. Etiquette drive:    
      The Institute stands for wholesome development, so the department of Social work takes care of the drive to train the students to maintain etiquette and manners for the future. The department calls out random students to read out good quotes from renowned persons towards etiquette and manners.
    4. English Drive :     
      The English department takes care of the drive to ensure and train the community as a whole to stay away from common mistakes in English Grammar and composition. Random students are selected to demonstrate common errors and their correction, some to teach vocabularies, idioms and phrases etc.
  8. Department report:     
    HOD’s have written their department reports of the academic session 2014-2015 that clearly mentioned the performances of the students, faculty members, and also displays the whole activities of the department during the 2014-2015 session.
  9. Feedback forms:    
    Forms were distributed to all the stakeholders to know and examine the actual standpoint of the Institute from various perspectives. The forms are examined thoroughly to ensure the improvement of every individual in the Institute.
    1. Feedback form for students towards the course:
      Each and every student has contributed their ideas towards their syllabus and course as a whole.
    2. Feedback form for students towards the Faculty:
      This feedback-form plays a very important role in the teachers’ improvement in every aspect.
    3. Feedback form for Faculty members:  
      This form deals with the contribution of ideas and facts towards the Institute’s teaching, learning, evaluation & research methodologies, infrastructure and administration.
    4. Feedback Form for parents  
      The parents are requested to give their opinions about the Institute’s administration, strong points and weak points etc.
    5. Feedback Form for alumni:  
      All the Alumni members are contacted and created a link with them still. They came with different ideas to he improvement of the Institute.
    6. Feedback Form for support staff:  
      All the staff members have contributed their ideas and eventually shared opinions towards the Institute’s administration.
  10. Teaching-Learning Process:     
    Emphasis was given to all the faculty members to use projectors to teach the students. Following the request made by the IQAC, 60% of the lectures were made through PowerPoint presentation.
  11. Projector:    
    50% of the class room is equipped with Projector.
  12. Invigilator Roster:    
     Starting from their study leave period, roster has been made till the last day of examination, for the Faculty members to visit every residence (4 of them), so that students will be able to clear their doubts in that particular subject.
  13. Activities of different cells/ committee:  
    1. Seminars/ Workshops :    
      # One day program “Legal Awareness Program “ on “ Domestic Violence & Women’s Rights”. Resource person: Mr. R. Vanlalena, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Lunglei. ( 12th August, 2014)
      # One day workshop on “The Ill Effects of Tobacco” in collaboration with National tobacco Control program. Resource person: ZT Vawra Hmar. District Coordinator, Mizoram State Tobacco Control Society. (21st October,2014)
    2. Students’ counseling cell :  
      This cell has two branches – The one that deals with moral reformation and the one that deals with Career Guidance or Guidance for further studies. In-charges have contributed many contributions in different aspects.
    3. Women’s Cell :     
      They have organized a seminar with regards to ‘women empowerment’ and the seminar touched different topics like IPC’s and CrPCs that protects women in India.
    4.  Anti-Tobacco Cell/Committee:   
      Organized workshop as shown above. (m(2)).
    5. Staff welfare Committee:   
      The committee resolved certain things for the welfare of all the staff members.
    6. Board of Academics:    
      The cell is responsible for all academics in the Institute and they officially contact the University for the Welfare of the students of HATIM.
    7. Central paper checking:     
      Certain faculty members are called time and again to check the answer papers of different departments.
    8. New committee/cells established in HATIM  
1. Student welfare committee
  2. ECO club
  3. Purchase Board
  4. Theatre Club