New Admission Open 2017
Discipline Committee


HATIM Discipline committee consists of a convener and one representative from each department.

Aims and Objectives

  Objectives /mission:    
  1.  To maintain, regulate and check that the rule and regulations of the institutions are strictly followed by every student.
  2.  To raise responsible and confident individual
  3.  To make provision for holistic growth
  4.  To pay special attention to the improvement of intellectual, academic and cultural development.
  5.  To inculcate moral values in the students in the services of humanity
Committee Members :
1. Mr. Joseph Lalhunmawia   Convener
  2. Dr. C. Lalengzama
  3. Mr. PC. Laltlanzuala
  4. Mr. Benjamin Lalnunfima 
  5. Mrs. HT. Zuali  
  6. Ms. Vankhawpuimawii Pachuau  


The discipline committee is run independently. It serves as an indispensable part of both the student and the teaching community assisting them in streamlining and organizing activities within and outside the campus. The college continues to make consistent progress in establishing English speaking community since its inception in 2007. English is the primary language inside the college and residences so that the students will have a successful and progressive future in their endeavor. The committee takes the responsibility of organizing the dress codes of the students and preserved their decency. In another dimension the committee has taken efforts whether the specified days for wearing uniforms is observed by the students. The committee draws attention to the maintenance of discipline every morning in the Morning Devotion and Assembly.

If any student is suspected of indulging in intoxicating items, the committee exercises its liberty to question, examine and investigate and take necessary actions. The committee is responsible for conducting surprise checking in college and residences if it is deemed necessary. It is a regular feature   of the committee to develop and promote self-disciplined student and globally competent student. The college looks ahead of the future while constantly striving to achieve greater goals. The disciplinary assistance of the staff and faculty often yield better productivity, presentation and personal satisfaction.