New Admission Open 2017

     HATIM Evangelical Wing was established in August, 2008 for the glory of God. It has taken the initiative of maintaining the worship service from 17th August, 2008 till date. HATIM Evangelical Wing is one of the most important committee bodies of the college through which the spiritual life of students, teachers and all other members of the community are nourished and uplifted to be good ambassadors for Christ. Presently there are 14 members including the Ex-officio and the two Senior Advisers.

S/No. Name Post
  1. P.Lalhruiatluanga President
  2. F. Lalhluzuala Vice President
  3. Jonathan Laltleipuia Secretary
  4. Phoebe Ngurthanpuii Asst. Secretary
  5. Lallianzami Treasurer
  6. C. Lalhruaitluangi Finance Secretary
  7. Ruthi Lalrinawmi Member
  8. F. Vanlalhmangaihsangi Member
  9. V. Malsawmsangi Member
  10. C.VL.Hmangaihkima Member
  11. Benjamin K. Lalnghakmawia Member
  12. Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak (Principal) Ex- Officio
  12. Mr. Vuansanga Vanchhawng (Dean) Ex- Officio
  12. Mr. Immanuel Lalruatsanga, Chaplain Ex- Officio
  13. Dr C.Lalengzama Senior Advisor
  14. Mr. H. Lalrinawma Senior Advisor
  14. Mr. T. Lalrinmuana Senior Advisor
Regular Praise and Worship

     HATIM Evangelical Wing has been conducting lively and vibrant worship service every Sunday. This service is meant for anyone who has a desire to worship the Lord and is conducted in English. I am honored to state that from 17th August, 2008-29th March, 2015 we have had 1091 visitors from around 10 countries. Speakers from outside the community are invited their testimonies. Singspiration has been a major part of this service. Offerings are collected every Sunday and they are utilized to run and manage the cost of refreshments and for speakers Remunerations. Besides this the offerings are utilized for repairing and taking care of the Chapel properties.

Main activities during May 2014-2015      
# Supportive Assistance: 
  HATIM Evangelical Wing has been giving out supportive assistance to many who are in need of assistance on various grounds. This time the supportive assistance was given to Immanuel Lalruatsanga to help him in his studies for Bachelor of Divinity.
# Contribution to MEGF: 
  The Mizoram Evangelical Graduate Fellowship(MEGF) Union of Evangelical Students of India(UESI), to which HATIM Evangelical Wing is affiliated as HATIM Evangelical Union, organized a student’s camp at Aizawl H.E.W and contribute a sum of Rs 3000/- for its success.
# Poor Patient Fund: 
  As 15th February, 2015 was Christian Hospital Sunday, HATIM Evangelical Wing had set aside the offerings of that day for Poor Patient Fund which was given to Christian Hospital, Serkawn. The total amount collected was Rs 5780/-.
# Charity Fund:
  On 2nd June, 2015, HATIM Evangelical Wing had given the charity fund which sums upto Rs 4750 along with a surplus amount of clothes and shoes to TNT(Thutak Nunpuitu Team) Hrangchalkawn.
# Spiritual Nurturing Programme: 
  HATIM Evangelical Wing has been organizing Spiritual Nurturing Programme in Mizo language every year. During 26th-28th September, 2014 the 8th Spiritual Nurturing Programme was held at HATIM Auditorium in which Upa C. Tlangmawia (Mizoram For Christ Team) was the Speaker. The Theme for this Spiritual Nurturing Programme was ‘Obedience and Meekness’ which is put in Mizo as ‘Thuawihna Leh Inngaihtlawmna’.
Initiative Activities during July, 2015-2016

Two members of HATIM Evangelical Wing, Jonathan Laltleipuia, Secretary and F,Lalhluzuala, Vice-President had attended the MEGF RUBY Jubilee& AICEU 20th Anniversary Celebration Programme on 28th August, 2015(Friday) at Synod Conference Centre; Mission Veng, Aizawl.  In this Jubilee, Dr. Arul Manohar, Gen. Secretary UESI –National was used as     the Speaker with the theme “Witnessing the Gospel in the Campus (Acts 1:8)”.  The programme was divided into 3 sessions where F. Lalhluzuala,Vice-President of H.E.W had a Bible Reading and Prayer in the first session and  Jonathan Laltleipuia, Secretary of H.E.W gave a solo number in the second session. The Programme was ended after the third session at around 8:30pm.

This year, the Spiritual Nurturing Programme will be held between 18th – 20th September, 2015 at HATIM Auditorium with the theme “The High Calling of God”. Rev.Lianchhunga is expected to be the Speaker and he will be assisted by a group of counselors.