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Board of Academics
    Genesis of Board of Academics:

The Staff Meeting on 7th November, 2014 decided to constitute a Separate body dealing with academic matters within the college. The Board of Academics was constituted with 6 members such as:

  1. Mr. R. Lalnunthara (Convener).
  2. Mrs. Phillia Khiangte (Asst. Convener)
  3. Mr. Joseph Lalhunmawia. (HOD, Deptt. of Computer Science)
  4. Mr. Immanuel Lalramenkima (HOD, Deptt. of English)
  5. Mrs. C. Lalremtluangi  (HOD, Deptt. of Social Work)


  # The members of the Board of Academics will be elected Coordinator, all the Head of Departments, one representative from each department and two Ex-officio (that is the Principal and Associate General Secretary i/c Service).
  # The Coordinator will be elected by the member of Board of Academics from the members.
  # The Coordinator will be the chairman in a meeting and in his/her absence the Principal (Ex-officio) will take the chairmanship role in a meeting.
  # The Board of Academics will sit for a meeting at least once in a semester.
  # Meeting minute will be recorded by one of the member as requested by the Chairman.
  # The tenure of members of the board will be 2 Years (According to Academic year of the Mizoram University).
  # The tenure of Coordinator of the board will be 3 Years (According to Academic year of the Mizoram University). The Coordinator will hold the seat only for 1 term.

Membership and meetings: In the first meeting on 3rd February, 2015 the board laid down the rules for membership and meeting as follows;

Functions and Scope of the Board of Academics
The Board of Academics will deal with all academics related matters of the institution especially in the areas of the following:

# Syllabus.
  # Add on Courses (Basic Computer Course & Functional English).
  # Library development and functions.
  # Examinations.
  # Prospectus.
  # Arrangement of Guest Lecturers/ Visiting Lecturers.
  # Class timing.

Other Achievements:

 * Submission of the list of concerns in BA English Syllabus prepared by the Department of English HATIM to Mizoram University:The list of concerns presented in the form of writing approved with some modifications was submitted to the Board of Studies Department of English, MZU on.


* Contribution of Agenda for meeting of Board of Studies, Computer Sciences Department, MZU: The Computer Sciences Department, HATIM felt the need to change some of the syllabus and also to change Mathematics as a bridge subject. The proposal was approved and was sent to the Board of Studies, Department of Computer Sciences, MZU on 17th April, 2015.