New Admission Open 2017
Academic Calendar
  Academic Calendar (For the year 2016)
Sl/No Date Reason
1 20th January All the students and staff must be back to the base/station.
2 21st January Joining / Reporting Day for Teachers
 Students will clean their residence and settle down.
3 21st January Submission of  Lesson Plan
4 22nd January Regular Classes starting day.
6 26th January Republic Day
7 20th February (Saturday) State Day
8 26th February (Friday) Thanksgiving Day
9 1st – 4th March 1st Internal  Exams
10 6th March (Sunday) Holi
11 24th March Preparation for Good Friday at the Chapel /Movie
12 25th March Good Friday
13 28th March Easter Monday
14 12th -15th April 2nd Internal Exams
15 1st May -21st May University Exams
16 22nd May – 7th June College Activities
Valedictory Programme 25th May
Graduation Day 26th May
17 From 2nd May- 31st May Selling of Admission Forms/Prospectus (31st May Last date of submission)
18 28th May, Exit of Students from the hostel.
19 1st June Written Test for New Admission
20 2nd -3rd June Interview
(Results to be declare in the evening)
21 6th June-30th June Summer vacation/Semester Break
22 1st July Everyone to be back  on the base. Staff to start the office.
23 4th July Class starting day
24 14th  July, 2015 College Day cum Fresher Day
25 15th August (Monday) Independence day
26 23rd -26th August 1st Internal Exams
27 5th September Teachers Day
28 12th September (Monday) Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha
29 16th – 18th Sept Spiritual Nurturing
30 2nd October (Sunday) Ghandhi Jayanti
31  30th October (Sunday) Dusserha/Diwali
32 11th -14th Oct 2nd Internal Exams
33 10th Nov-6th December University Exam
34 From 7th  December MZU Winter Vacation
35 9th– 14th December Sports week (Tentative)
36 14th December Advance Christmas
37 16th Dec  -19th Jan Winter Vacation (Tentative)