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About Us
The idea of a Christian Institute for higher and technical education originated in the minds of the leaders of the BCM in the year 2005 – with a long-term aim and vision of establishing an autonomous and deemed university. It developed further with the resolution of the Assembly of the BCM in March 2006 for two important reasons. First, there was a dearth of Residential Institutes offering graduate level courses in Bachelor of Computer Applications and Commerce with special emphasis on English-speaking skills and Christian values based curriculum. Second, to serve as a viable and affordable alternative to graduate level courses offered in Indian cities outside Mizoram for most Mizo parents who invest a huge amount of money for their children’s education.
Dr. Chawngthanpari was appointed as the Project Director for this initiative under the BCM in the year 2006. Under her consistent efforts, with the support of the BCM, the intended Institute was established in June 2007 and she was subsequently appointed as the Institute’s first Principal.
The Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram (HATIM) was established by the Society of Higher and Technical Studies in 2007 and it began to function with a prayer led by the former Principal Dr. Chawngthanpari on the 21st June 2007 with 29 resident students and 5 dedicated faculty, who were committed to make an “institute with a difference.” Rev. F. Sangvela, the then Associate General Secretary of the Baptist Church of Mizoram dedicated the Institute on 22nd June 2007. The Institute was officially inaugurated on the 24th January 2008 by Dr. R. Lalthangliana, Honourable Minister of State, i/c School Education.  This day is regarded and observed as the Foundation Day of HATIM.
The founding principal Dr. Chawngthanpari retired on 5th March 2016. The Society appointed Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak, M.A., Ph. D as the principal and he took charge of office from the 16th May 2016.
The Institute is permanently affiliated to Mizoram University vide College Resolution No.EC:39:5(25)/(b) File No. MZU/CDC/1/28/14/1059 Dated 23rd July 2014. Prior to this the Institute was affiliated provisionally in the year 2008 under the year 2008 under Mizoram University. The B. Com and BCA courses are also permanently affiliated under Mizoram University vide Subject Resolution No.EC:39:5(25)/(b) File No. MZU/CDC/1/28/14/1058 Dated 23rd July 2014. As of now the BSW and BA (English) Courses are running under provisional affiliation of Mizoram University. 
The Institute continues to endeavour to meet the norms and requirements of the University Grants Commission.  The institute has been included in the list of colleges under Section 2(f) & 12(B) Categories of the UGC Act,1956 as confirmed by the UGC vide Letter No: F. No. 8-610/2014 (CPP-I/C) dated the 17th August 2016.  The institute has set up an Internal Quality Assurance Cell and a Committee on National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to study and adopt the norms and guidelines of the UGC. Further, HATIM consistently looks for ways to make improvements and upgrades within its establishment and management to provide quality education to the student community. 
College Verse : Romans 11:36 
  “For from Him and to Him, and through Him are all things”
College Hymn : How Great Thou Art
College Flower : Dandelion – reflects resilience and the ability to multiply even under the harshest of conditions.
College Colours Red, Blue, White and Yellow
College Emblem : The HATIM emblem is comprised of rice stalks and a belt in circles.  The outermost semicircle is made up of two stalks of ripened rice.  The rice stalks represent the presence and fruitfulness of HATIM amidst diverse cultures and people and the rich harvest of the institute.
colege logog The inner circle is a blue belt with yellow edges on both sides.  On the blue belt is inscribed the name of the institute in white.  The blue belt is buckled up besides the yellow quadrant of the innermost circle with the tapering end of the belt lying across the yellow quadrant diagonally.  The belt then is tied up in a knot at the bottom of the circle and it further extends vertically which is met by a blue ribbon horizontally with the motto of the institute ‘Seek, Share, Serve’ inscribed on it.
  Embedded inside the quadrants are pictures of a set of open palms, a dove, a book and part of the belt.  The quadrants are red, blue, white and yellow in colour which are the four colours of the Institute. 
  The book in the bottom right white quadrant represents the word of God upon which the institute is founded and a balanced integration of biblical teaching and secular education which we seek for the students. The belt in the bottom left yellow quadrant represents the truth of God which is buckled around the community as a symbol of service, security and unity which binds the community together. The open palms in the top left blue quadrant indicate openness, partnership, and the manifold blessings of God upon the institute which HATIMIANs are prepared to share with the nations. The dove in the top right red quadrant represents the Holy Spirit who hovers over HATIM community to indicate his constant presence, help and guidance to accomplish the vision of the Institute. 
The society sees in future a Deemed University based on Christian values where quality and relevant education is provided to the students to mould the life of educated young people in Mizoram.
The vision entails growing and developing the institute in providing world-class education to the people of the impoverished North East India region to respond to the challenges faced by the people of Mizoram in particular.  HATIM will be an institute where the academic and practical experiences will shape the thinking and life-style of its students for effective service in any capacity.
The society envisions an institute of highest standards with a commitment to Biblical faith where there is a balanced integration of secular education and biblical teaching as the underpinning philosophy for the right kind of understanding for students to have a better future in this competitive world. 
Our mission is to provide quality education to students in order to mould and equip them with relevant knowledge and skills to become competent, reliable and responsible citizens in our society, nation and beyond.
HATIM seeks to be a nurturing ground for students and provide holistic development to make effective contribution to society in a dynamic environment. This holistic development will be attained through biblical teaching, academic excellence and professional competence. We will equip and enable students to seek, share and serve continually to be genuine sources of blessing for our society through excellence in education. Our graduates will be equipped and ready to participate in our national dreams and aspirations. They will serve the contemporary world by transforming societies at large and the Mizo society in particular and they will make crucial contributions to communal harmony and national integration.
The Society inculcates in its institute a sense of strong devotion towards achieving excellence through education. HATIM is committed to imparting superior leadership qualities, communication and interpersonal skills, commitment, problem-solving ability, value-driven mindset, professionalism, flexibility, motivation, and sharp intellectual curiosity in its students. 
 Our core values include:
  Readiness and willingness to seek, share and serve
  Faith and total dependence on God
  Commitment to prayer and balanced biblical teaching
  Lifelong learning
  Integrity and accountability